Upholstery Workshop Course-Outline

Basic Upholstery Workshop - Level One

5 Days Total 
3 hour class (10 min break per class), once a week, over 4 weeks
$450.00 +hst includes: Upholstery Tool Kit (valued over $60.00), $40.00 Foam Credit
Upholstery Instructor: Ken W McKay
Design Consultant and Class Assistant: Stephanie Halin

DAY ONE - 3 Hours

Covers personal introductions, individual project assessment, instruction on the tools and materials to be used throughout the 5 day workshop and basic upholstery, level one workshop overview and expectations.  Students begin the first stage - stripping down their chair of the old fabric and materials.

DAY TWO - 3 Hours

Brief overview of previous day. Then basic upholstery fabric instruction with emphasis on student’s specific chair styles and accents, along with fabric, material and measurement instruction.
Students continue to strip down chair, removing old materials and prepping OLD FABRIC for new pattern shapes, until break while instructor visits with each student for individual fabric instruction, assessment and goals for style and comfort. Students work independently, with instructor’s assistance until the end of the class.
NOTE: Students that have paid extra to get their chair re-glue & wood refinished, should have their chair fully stripped and ready for refinishing by the end of Day 2 - to be worked on for Day 3

DAY THREE - 3 Hours

Brief overview of previous day, with emphasis on fabric, foam and measurements.
Students should have their chairs stripped down to the ‘bare bones’ and are now working on their fabric/foam: measurements, cuts, patterns, etc…  Discussion about the sewing process including threads, stitch styles with attention to foam and stuffing for comfort. Instructor works one on one independently with each student about the sewing process at the sewing machine and prepping the fabric for our people to prepare/ sew each piece for the next class.
NOTE: All fabric details for each student's chair should be completely laid out and ready for sewing by the end of this class, Day 3

DAY FOUR - 3 Hours

Each student’s patterns for their chairs have been prepared, sewed and completed by the instructor prior to this day. Instructor discusses the last stages for re-upholstering their chair: foam, extra stuffing, accents and applying the fabric to the bare frame.
Instructor discusses aspects about each student's chair with the class as all continue to reupholster their own pieces. Students work independently with the instructor’s assistance until the end of class.

DAY FIVE - 3 Hours

Students use Day Five for finishing their chair.
Instructor is available throughout this day to answer questions about student’s current and future projects. Instructor assists students throughout this day to apply the finishing touches and help complete their chairs.
By the end of Day 5 each student will have a newly refurbished, recycled, reinvented, chair that they have designed and created themselves.

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